Feb 012015

Ok, I was expecting more.  When you really need to lose as much as I do, and you only lose 2 pounds in one week…….it’s disappointing.  But—–not the end of the world!  Not a reason to give up, or throw in the towel!  Just a smaller step forward than you anticipated.  Like Les Brown says in his series:   “If you shoot for the moon, and miss, at least you’ll land among the stars!”  Let me say this, the outlook is much better at 315 than it was when I first started a few years ago at 367!  If I hadn’t made a decision to do what I could do to get healthy, and lose this weight, I could be weighing in at 600 pounds by now!  Now there’s a thought!  Have you seen the program:  “My 600 pound life?”  Or “My Weight is killing me?”   I shows graphic records of several people who have eaten themselves into the bed (or grave) and have to have operations to lose weight, then more operations to cut off the excess fat that just wouldn’t go away.

Chuck Turner, star of Reality Program "My 600 lb. life"

Chuck Turner, star of Reality Program “My 600 lb. life”


It is a warning sign for me, who just happens to be a person who loves to eat, and I’m not talking about kale and broccoli, here, to stay on course, and not give up even if I get discouraged, and feel like I have so much road ahead of me.  That’s ok.  I may not be where I want to be, but I’m closer than I was 56 days ago, when I weighed 343 lbs!  That’s a fact!





Chuck Turner at 689 pounds and then after losing over 400 pounds as a result of gastric bypass surgery

Chuck Turner at 689 pounds and then after losing over 400 pounds as a result of gastric bypass surgery



In the case of Chuck Turner, he lost much more than I ever weighed in my life and still had more to lose after that, so I shouldn’t be whining and complaining about “waaah, waaah….I only lost two pounds this week!”  and  “waaah, waaah…..I’ve got so far to go!” etc.  No.  I’m thankful that I have so little to lose in comparison to dear Chuck and so many others who have crossed the point of almost no return, and had to battle back to regain even a semblance of a happy life.  We only get one shot at this beautiful experience called life.  With it’s ups and downs, curves, obstacles, joys, sorrows, good and bad, all of it together, we have a choice to make of it what we want.  The most precious gift that God ever gave man was the majesty of choice!  If we are not happy with the way things are going……we can change them!  If we don’t like the place where we live…..we can move!  If we don’t like the people we work with, and we don’t like our boss……we can quit and start all over!  If we’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, we can change our attitude, and see life in a totally different way!  I thank God for the gift of choice!  In my case, I don’t want to live the rest of my life being handicapped by excess weight, so I’m going to lose it.  I don’t want to live the rest of my life being broke, so I’m learning how to save money and will learn how to invest it so it will grow in spite of all the reasons that I tell myself I can’t do it in moments of doubt.  So here’s to the greatest gift that mankind has ever received——-Choice!

Dec 232014

This is a really touching story with a beautiful song at the end by Dave Walser on guitar and vocal with Reggie Rueffer on violin!   My friend, George Terrell posted it, and I wanted to share it as well, as it has such a perfect spirit for this Christmas Season.  Being with those you love and having that special time around the tree and the table, relaxing and enjoying good company is what it’s all about.  This story and song brought tears to my eyes as it was so simple, yet profound.


The Great Dave Walser of "Beatlegras" fame

The Great Dave Walser of “Beatlegras” fame



Reggie Rueffer, Fiddle playing phenomenon

Reggie Rueffer, Fiddle playing phenomenon