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Fifty-year-old Gary Russo started August, 2011 as a New York ironworker, Local 40, working on
the 2ndAvenue subway. By the end of the month, videos of him singing Sinatra songs during his
lunch hour had been seen by millions, and he suddenly had a new career ahead of him.
Russo always had a desire to sing, but had limited it to karaoke, singing in the shower, his car,
and in front of a mirror. Encouraged by a friend, he decided to set up his karaoke machine just
outside the subway construction site.
Earning the nickname “Second Avenue Sinatra,” he’s been featured on numerous national and
international shows including ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Nightly News with Brian
William, and Access Hollywood. Inside Edition filmed his debut at the famed Blue Note Jazz
His book, Don’t Die with Your Song Unsung (2011), is about transforming your life so you can
achieve success by doing what you love. (He’s also produced CDs.)
Many people have a secret dream to perform — be it singing, acting, juggling, dancing, sword
swallowing, magic – whatever it may be. And the truth is millions of people are as talented as
people who achieve stardom.
But your voice will never be heard, and your magic tricks will never be seen if you don’t take
steps to bring that dream to life, regardless of how old you are. Even something as simple (and
some would say silly) as singing karaoke for strangers can be your magic wand to a new life.
You’ve been putting your dream off long enough. Dust it off, and find a way to put yourself in
front of an audience, no matter how small or large. With the right attitude, enthusiasm and
persistence, you might be pleasantly surprised by the reception.
As Gary Russo says, “I have always felt there was a true artist hidden inside of me. Don’t be
afraid to share your talent with the world. It’s never too late to follow your heart. You never
know what life has in store for you.” Did you get that? IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!  (Excerpt from “It’s Never too late, and you’re never too old” by Vic Johnson)

Oct 052013
Celtic Woman in concert

Celtic Woman in concert



Ok, I’ll be the first to admit it…..I had never heard of Celtic Woman before……I know…..I’ve been living under a rock.  However, upon hearing them and seeing a couple of their videos, (that moved me to tears, by the way and I’m not ashamed to say it) I am a huge fan now, and could listen/watch them for hours.  Just beautiful harmonies, orchestration, the whole package!  Just take the time to listen to watch these videos, and you will see what I am talking about.  The first video is them singing “Amazing Grace”  like I’ve never heard it before.  Then they are doing “You Raise Me up” and both are done at an outdoor performance.  Just beautiful!