Feb 152015
301 lbs.!  Just a little over a pound to go to reach under 300!

301 lbs.! Just a little over a pound to go to reach under 300!


This has been a record week!  A little radical, but lots of results.  I know it’s not the best regimen for losing weight to take off so much at one time, but I was really motivated to try and reach my goal of being under 300 lbs. by my birthday tomorrow.  With a little more determination, I have 24 hours to do just that.  This week has been a little crazy, with gym every day, doing 20 -30 minutes on the elliptical machine, Doing mostly juicing every day, and resisting temptation big time!  I weighed in last Monday at 314 and was pretty disappointed that the gap had widened even from the day before, instead of shrinking.  So, I just put it into “D” for determination, and put the pedal to the metal!  Monday was big, as I lost 6 pounds!  Then Tuesday, I lost 3 1/2, Wednesday, 2, Thursday, 1/2, and it stayed at 302 both Friday and Saturday with no weight loss, even though I was still mostly juicing and still hitting the gym.  This morning it went down 1 more pound to 301, and I believe I can be under 300 tomorrow!

From this point, I will try to keep a little more sane program of exercise and food intake, but I really wanted to reach this short term goal for some reason.  I don’t think the numbers are all that important, though.  The important thing is what I have become inside in order to reach those numbers.  The strength developed, the character built, the discipline applied.  That all counts much more than just numbers, which are just units of measurement.  The real change and lasting change is on the inside.  What the struggle has made you become!   Thank you all for your prayers and support.  It is wonderful to have friends like you cheering me on.  Please feel free to get in touch if you are facing some of the same challenges, and would like to talk or chat with someone who understands.  “Don’t give up till you win!”

Feb 082015
My motto for the day:  "You don't stop until you win!"

My motto for the day: “You don’t stop until you win!”



I lost 3 pounds this week, but I actually had gotten down to 310 on Saturday Morning.  I did all the right things, ate under 1,000 calories, went to the gym, and worked out on the elliptical for 40 minutes, and this morning, I had gained 2 lbs!  I was tempted to get discouraged, but hey…..the body is an amazing thing.  It readjusts itself, borrows a little from here, and puts it there, constantly changing inside, and it is natural to go up and down when you’re on an intense program like I am on right now.  So……I’m not giving up…..not by a long shot!  I’m still going to make my juice in the morning, drink lots of water, keep my calories down, go to the gym, and sooner or later, I’ll be where I want to be.  That’s a fact.  As long as I don’t give up, I will win!  Like Les Brown says:  “You don’t stop until you win!”  That’s a great motto!  Even this morning, I got up and weighed, and when I saw I had gained 2 lbs., I went straight to the gym before anyone else woke up. (It’s a 24 hour gym) I was not feeling so hot about gaining 2 lbs, and wanted to compensate.  All during the workout, I felt like quitting…..my mind was telling me….”what’s the use?”……”you’ll NEVER lose this weight”…….”why torture yourself like this?”…….and other quaint little phrases that my mind tries to slip into my consciousness.  When I got to around 27 minutes, I wanted to say…..”ok, that’s enough….I did something, and that’s ok”…….but I had punched in 40 minutes on the machine, and I was determined to go the full 40, tired or not.  And guess what?  At that golden moment, the resistance on the machine got really easy, and I realized I had reached my goal!  That’s such a good feeling……to know you did what you came to do……to know you didn’t give up…..you didn’t stop until you had won!   (And I DID lose 3 pounds this week!……That’s SOMETHING!)