Jan 192011

  6 Responses to “THE LORD’S PRAYER (All parts sung by Vance Perry)”

  1. That’s amazing how 4 separate recordings can be joined together and sound just like it was all done at the same time, the harmonies and everything, –great! OK, Sam, your turn—-

    • Yeah, I would love to give that a try. I’m not technically up to it yet, though! We’ll see what happens once I get my groove on with the software I’m trying to learn. LOL!

  2. I wish I could just sing on key. I can’t imagine 4 of me… God help the listener.

  3. I’ve worked in television production and the musical recording arts for years before I retired 3 years ago. Vance has an amazing gift of voice. His high,mid and bass tones are absolutely sterling. His blend of harmonics are flawless, and his octive range is off the charts… not to speak of the perfect modulation skills he displays so well in some of his songs.

    However, I would suggest one thing. Vance could advance his video image a bit by doing his musical production showing him with the head shots the same, but “dressier”. For example his wonderful rendition of the Lord’s prayer would be so much better visually if he would change the background from what appears to be a room in his house to dark curtains, or simply all black. Also, replace the polo shirt with dress apparel that would reflect the spiritual essence of the song being sung. And, lastly, if possible, to fade the frontal facial view to a 3/4 view…then back to full face intermittently, with 3/4 lighting used on the angles of his face. This way you present
    his beautiful harmonics in a pleasing visual ambiance of face and background. I feel
    the way it’s presently presented is much too static. His viewership would certainly increase with these changes, I guarantee it.
    Hope this is helpful!
    Toby Wright

  4. These songs are so beautiful. Can I purchase a CD?? And does
    he do Christmas music?