Jun 152012

Let's see.....Organic fruits, vegetables and meat or......McDonalds? Burger King? It's too hard to make up my mind! As the old saying goes....."Pay the Farmer or pay the weight loss industry, nutritionist, Doctor, Hospital bills, etc."

I have been battling weight loss for many years, and still am, but this picture is very vivid, and tells a complete story all by itself. “you are what you eat” is no cute little slogan that Vegans use to condemn the rest of the world with. It is factual, true, and has an impact on our lives. It all boils down to decisions, and common sense. At least that’s the way I look at it. I have kicked the “Fast Food Habit” and my battle is with portion size, laziness to go to the gym, etc. I have read many books and tried lots of plans, but one thing I know to be true. There is good food available if you want to eat it, and it may be a little more pricey to eat what is good for you, but it’s worth the extra if you want to be healthy and stay active in your later years. I never thought about this stuff when I was 30 or younger! It is a reality now, though! (I’m preaching to the choir here) 🙂