Dec 082014

Well, I made it through yesterday and only had that juice and lots of water for a kick start! I lost 5 pounds (mostly water, of course, but encouraging, nonetheless. I got your audio book, Larry, “The Science of Self-discipline”, downloaded it, and put it on my IPOD. That’s a subject I really need to study up on!

One big victory is that my daughter had her company Christmas Party at our house last night, and everyone brought their own junk food, etc. There was chicken, ribs, meatballs, chips, brownies, cookies, dip, you name it. I totally resisted all of it, and made it through the night! I even hung out with them, told some stories, and had a good time. It just goes to show you that you don’t have to pig out to have fun.  I am going to follow through on the juice at least for today. I can do almost anything one day at a time. My faith will get stronger every time I accomplish a difficult task. Right now, I just need to discipline myself to form a new habit of not eating too much, and not feeling a need to eat so much salt, sugar, fat, etc. I read a book by that title about how the big food companies have gotten us all addicted to those 3 ingredients, and are leading us down the primrose path to digging our graves with a fork!

It feels good to know that I accomplished my goal of not eating solid food for one day, and drinking water, and making a healthy juice instead of the opposite.  I know that I have to find a plan that I can sustain, and not just be on an eternal “crash diet”, but find a lifestyle change that suits me, and meets my immediate and future needs.  However, psychologically, I needed a boost to give me hope after gaining a pound a day for two days in a row, right after I had decided to really get serious about losing the weight!  So, I have decided to keep with the juice and water for today as well.  I’ll just refer to it as a “re-boot” that is mentioned in “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross.  I know it works, because he totally turned his life around by juicing for 90 days straight, and not only lost weight, but was cured of a skin disease and other problems in the process.  I bought a breville juicer after watching his DVD, and need to get some mileage out of it, plus, using the vita-mix for smoothies, etc.  It’s like I just have to look at it like an emergency measure to turn a huge ship around to get it going the other direction, and until I get to a certain point, I’ll have to use extreme methods to establish my course.  At least that’s the way I see it right now.

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