Dec 092014



I had a good day, keeping on “the juice” and lost another 3 pounds!  It’s just a kickstart for me right now, but I needed to see some numbers to encourage me, especially during these Holidays where food is the main character, it seems.  I’m training my mind to understand that pleasing my taste buds for a few minutes is not worth the stress and guilt of the rest of the day for over doing it.  I simply love to eat, and am probably addicted to food that is not good for me, but like an alcoholic, I need to first admit it to myself, get over it, and do something about it.

That’s what the juicing is all about.  I need nutrition but also need to shed a lot of weight, so I have found a way to supply both of those needs.  It does not include burritos from a taco truck, brownies that just came out of the oven, or batter fried chicken wings/gizzards at my favorite convenience store.  🙂


I am looking forward to a good day today.  I go to my Physical Therapist’s office for an appointment, and she will tell me how I’m doing after going to PT at the pool for the past month.  I’m getting a lot out of forming this habit.  I can do it on my own now that I know the exercises, and can help strengthen the muscles in my knee.  I am trying to avoid knee surgery, and losing weight and exercising is a key to that.


My friend, Larry Jacobs sent me some material to listen to by Kerry Jordan, Darren Hardy, and Jim Rohn.  I’m interested to hear this, as these men are greats in their field of mentoring and motivational speaking.  Since listening to a lot of Zig Ziglar talks, I realize that I need input like this on a daily basis to keep my mind full of positive thoughts, and keep my vision clear and focused.  It’s not just about losing weight.  It’s about life, health, spirituality, happiness, all of it.  Like Dave Ramsey says:

“If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”


The picture I included with this blog post is to remind myself of what I really want to look like, and not the guy in the mirror.  Although I can’t take 25 years off my life, I CAN take the weight off and be the same SIZE I was in this picture in 1990.  It’s a personal goal, and possible, because “all things are possible, if you believe!”   (Ph. 4:13)